The Weeknd Says New Album Will Be Less Pop-Friendly: As if the collaboration with Gesaffelsteinwasn’t enough of an indication, The Weeknd has seemingly confirmed the return of the dark brooding sound that made him famous. The Weeknd made the pronouncement in a Twitter post meant to appease the core members of his fanbase; those who lie awake trembling with thoughts of vampiric bloodlust.
Simply put, The Weeknd’s dark brooding sound is his calling card. Even he could sense that his Starboy template was growing stale. But more importantly, the “false appearance” that he playfully created on Starboy, however effective, no longer speaks to his current self. So in 2019, we find The Weeknd on his backward, to a cantankerous juncture in time. No more “daytime music” as he puts it, only compositions of the bedwetting variety, glimpses of which appear in the early EP recordings.