The Extraordinary Artist, Absi YounQ of FCM finally got to release his 3in1 play list after he has dropped FreeMe/Grow some months back with the aim of reaching out to the young people in the street of YL of Beehive and beyond. He then, this time around decides to drop 3songs at same time because of the long time of music break which he took in order to cover the spaces left at least. The 3in1 covers songs like, '' Teamwork'' produced by his wonderful producer in the person of SeekBeatz which almost short down the stage of the Bauchi Musical Festival(BMF) which was held at Bauchi state of Nigeria sometimes in April. Secondly, '' Fixed Up'' produced by the incredible producer Concept Man and Lastly, '' Don't Lean Back(DTLB)'' produced again by His one and only producer SeekBeatz . All this songs are just a click once' to get downloaded. Thank you
1. Absi younq -Fixed up

2. Absi younQ -team work

3. Absi younQ -DTLB