After the release of the track,Marz Prince decides to also release the lyrics of the track. You can read the lyrics below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Intro: its Rhythmcity music


-I was born to lead, born to lead yeah!
-Can't lose cos I was born to win.
*I'mma mo'f**king Table tuner
Table turner table table turner  (2x)
Verse 1:               
yeah yeah huh!
*I'm aiming at the target mhen! I'm never gon' miss
*venomous rhyme, you better run when I wanna spit
*I'm the typpa nigga who give muscles to the weak
*typpa nigga whose hustle ain't stopping even at the peak
*I'll take you back now, when niggas was steady spitting at the background
*niggas be like "what the hell does he even sound like"
*He can even rhyme right
*But he keeps appearing in the limelight, how right? 
*But I won't explain, Sh*t is serious
*My life's more than a movie o yeah this is series
*Huh! You should calm down
*when you throw it up mhen! it will come down
*yeah! Life can be rough now
*Nothing last forever it can turn round (2x)


Verse 2:
*you hate me cos I'm better
*I'm trynna get my hands on more cheddar
*I don't speak FRENCH who the hell's MONTANA
*Rocking Gucci and Prada
*Heading to the top no Ladder
*O yeah no ladder   
*it's funny how rappers don't like me but I know the reason there's nobody like me
*I'm happy I'm glad that I like me  so f**k all this snake people get thee behind me
*life can be rough now
*nothing last forever it can turn round (2x)

background voice:                               
-anything I touch I change it       
-ever where I go mo'f**kers no exactly what the name is   (4x)
Its seekbeats production
Its marz prince of mars Gaddhem it